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Mufflers & Exhaust

Custom exhaust systems. We have an American Blue Boy pipe bender. We bend pipe for bull bars, roll bars, hand rails etc. If you want to bend pipe from 1 3/4" to 2 1/2" we can bend, flare, cut and weld it.

Standard Exhaust Systems and Catalytic converters
Sports Systems - Turbo mufflers, hot dogs, sports mufflers - High flow cats. 3" systems . Turbo systems.

4WD standard & sports systems - Big bore turbo systems - 3" systems for Landcruisers & more.

Large range of chrome tips

Improve fuel economy

Better exhaust note

We have a huge stock of standard and sports systems, mufflers and exhaust parts, gaskets, clamps hangers etc.

Systems available for VE Commodore
Make it growl or make it whisper.

Redback Sports & Standard Systems                            Phone (03) 5775 1122